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Stage 3 introduces the student to more complex phonetic sounds with 2 and 3 letters.
Blending and segmenting is used to decode words for reading and spelling.
Consonant blends are also taught and practiced to help the students read and speak fluently.
There is a stronger focus on stories in the course with a new story introduced every other week.
This course also introduces reading comprehension skills. High frequency words are also taught and practiced to help the students’ fluency when reading.
Cursive writing skills are developed and children are taught to write all sounds cursively.
Why this course:
Structured activities to develop reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.
Strong focus on decodable stories allows the students to begin independent learning.
Floppy Phonics is used by more than 80% of schools in the U.K.
Each class is small with a dedicated teacher to give the individual attention each student needs.